Woop Woop Bear

Woop Woop Bear


The Extraordinary Woop Woop Bear

A true story of an old bear that changed his life.

This is the true story of Woop Woop, a scruffy old bear from who was left on the shelf after his owner Kylie grew up and left home. To amuse himself he would imagine going on some amazing adventures, then returning home each night to tell everyone wonderful stories of all the extraordinary things he’d been up to. In reality he never thought he’d go anywhere, he was actually quite comfortable just were he was, sitting on the shelf. 

Then one day back in 2005 everything changed. Sally, who is Kylies mum, decided it was time to have a clear out, so she picked him up off the shelf, looked straight into his little brown glass eyes and said “ Oh dear Woop Woop, you’ve been left on the shelf for years, tell me scruffy little bear, what should I do with you? “

Woop Woop became worried as it occurred to him that he might end up in the closet, he’d heard the closet was such a dark and lonely place to be. He had to do something and quickly, so the little bear decided to focus all the power of his imagination on his hopes of travelling and meeting new friends.  As if by magic, within a few hours Woop Woop’s life would be changed forever, when Sally had a brainwave….

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Human Kindness still exists, Woop! Woop! 

Here are just a few of the amazing humans that helped turn a poor old bears dreams into a reality. Without their kindness, sense of adventure and imagination Woop Woop would probably still be left on the shelf or even worse he may have ended up in a very dark place e.g. the closet! 

Where are they now?

If you recognise any of the lovely people above who helped Woop Woop on his adventures he’d love to know how they are now and what they've been up to. Can you help? 

Woop Woop’s Motto…

Some things make us happy
Some things make us sad
But everyday we should have a little fun

And find something to make us glad 
Woop! Woop!