Woop Woop Bear

Woop Woop Bear


Woop Woop Makes Woop Woop Wine in Australia

Woop Woop Reporting from The Galvanised Wine Group in Australia

Woop Woop Reporting from The Galvanised Wine Group in Australia

Making Woop Woop Wine In South Australia


In 2006, the renowned globetrotting bear, Woop Woop, embarked on an exciting adventure to McLaren Vale, South Australia. He received a special invitation from Ben Riggs and the team at the GALVANIZED WINE GROUP, known for their expertise in winemaking and their dedication to producing exceptional wines.

Woop Woop's presence in McLaren Vale marked a unique collaboration between this iconic bear and the talented individuals at the GALVANIZED WINE GROUP. Together, they set out to create a wine that would capture the essence of the region's rich viticultural heritage and showcase the adventurous spirit that Woop Woop embodies. https://mrriggs.com.au

Woop Woop arrives at McClaren Vale, Australia

Surrounded by picturesque vineyards and embracing the beauty of the McLaren Vale region, Woop Woop and the winemaking team embarked on the creation of Woop Woop Wine. Guided by Ben Riggs' expertise, they carefully selected the finest grapes and employed traditional winemaking techniques combined with innovative approaches to produce a wine that would reflect the character and charm of Woop Woop. 

It’s warm welcome for Woop Woop 

The collaboration between Woop Woop and the GALVANIZED WINE GROUP was more than just a winemaking endeavor; it was a celebration of friendship, creativity, and a shared passion for exploration. The result was a wine that not only delighted the taste buds but also captured the imagination of wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Now to work

The Woop Woop Wine crafted in McLaren Vale embodies the spirit of adventure and discovery, just like its furry collaborator. It serves as a testament to the power of friendship and the ability to create something extraordinary when different worlds come together.

It’s tasting time, Cheers! 

Woop Woop Wine captivated wine lovers with its exceptional quality and distinctive character. It stands as a testament to the unique bond between Woop Woop, the GALVANIZED WINE GROUP, and the McLaren Vale region, leaving a legacy of joy, exploration, and the love of fine wine.